IMM is a multidisciplinary team promoting basic and applied research in the field of nanotechnology and nanobiotechnologies. Thanks to advanced and transversal expertises in organic and inorganic syntheses, colloidal chemistry, material science, electrochemistry, solid state physics, X-ray (XPS, XAS, XRF) and optical spectroscopies, surface chemistry, pharmaco- and biochemistry and powder metallurgy, it tryes to respond to important societal questions dealing with renewable energy, depollution, nanoecotoxicity, more-efficient and less energy consuming electromagnetic-based devices, new antibacterial drugs and rare-earth free permanent magnets among others. The team benefits from a large and tidy national and international academic collaborative network, mainly supported by bilateral funding programs, allowing regular hosting of senior and junior scientists, as well as graduated and ungraduated students for couple of months, contributing to ongoing researches.

Antonio Valerio Longo (Doctorant)

Printable electroluminescent display platforms based on Carbon dot technology (2018-2021, PhD grant from SEAM Labex).

Bing Bing Deng (Doctorant)

Ecotoxicological and physico-chemical monitoring of home-manufactured quantum dots from luminescent devices (2018-2022, bourse China Science Council)

Fayna Mammeri (MCF-HDR UPD)

spécialiste de la chimie des matériaux et des surfaces, experte en fonctionnalisation de surface de nanomatériaux inorganiques, élaboration de Matériaux hybrides magnétiques à base de polymère

Fernand Fievet (PREM UPD)

expertise en chimie inorganique

Larissa Chaperman (Doctorante)

Golden, Grey and White Titania: controlled surface oxidation towards visible light assisted water-splitting and hydrogen fuel generation reaction (2017-2020, bourse ED388)

Magamou Gueye (Post-doct)

Surface functionalisation of High Entropy Metallic Alloys (HEMA) for bioimplant application (2018-2019, SEAM Labex grant)

Nawal Serradji (MCF-HDR UPD)

synthèse organique de molécules d’intérêt biologique

Roberta Brayner (MCF-HDR UPD)

nanoparticules inorganiques et écotoxicité

Sendos Darwish (Doctorante)

Magnetic nanomaterials engineering: from biomimetic synthesis to nanotechnological applications (2018-2021, Lebanese government grant)

Seyed Ehsan Hosseini (Doctorant)

Elaboration and characterization of all-inorganic multiferroic granular hetero-nanostructures. Application for energy harvesting (2018-2021, Campus France grant)

Sophie Nowak (IR UPD)

Expertise en fluorescence, diffusion et diffraction des rayons X.

Souad Ammar

Responsable de l’équipe est experte en matériaux inorganiques et leurs caractérisations

Thanh Ha Duong (MCF-HDR UPD)

étude des mécanismes d’interactions protéine-protéine et de la complexation des métaux par des protéines ou des petites molécules, spécialiste des techniques de cinétique rapide

Thi Hàng Lien Han (Post-doct)

Encapsulation of biomolecules (drugs) in plant virus (TYMV) cavities: molecular and material engineering (2018-2019, ATER UPD)

Thi Huyen Vu (Doctorante)

Pharmacomodulation of 8-hydroxyquinolein molecule for the design of new antibacterial drugs. Investigation (mainly by spectroscopic tools) on the iron chelating properties of new ligands derived from this molecule (2017-2020, USTH Vietnamese government grant for USTH program)."