Thuan Nguyen Pham Truong soutiendra sa thèse intitulée :

"Multifunctional materials based on task – specific ionic liquids: From fundamental to next generation of hybrid electrochemical devices and artificial skin"

le jeudi 29 novembre 2018 à 14h en salle 774 (bâtiment Lavoisier, Université Paris Diderot).

Increasing demand of energy requires massive investment for exploration and utilization of renewable energy sources in the energy balance. However, due to the intermittence of the current renewable sources, the generated electricity must be stored under other forms to correlate the fleeting production and the continuous consumption. Despite available commercialized systems, seeking for new materials and new approaches for resolving this problem is still matter of interest for scientific researches. Highlighted advancements have recently oriented the community towards the utilization of nanoscale materials for efficient energy storage and conversion. Although the advantages given by existing nanomaterials for diverse applications, especially in the energy field, their performance is still lower than theoretical purposes. Consequently, tailoring the physical-chemical properties at the molecular scale becomes crucial not only for boosting the activities of the existed materials but also for creating a new type of molecular entities for storing and releasing the energy. Accordingly, this PhD work aim to develop new family of materials based on ionic liquid that exhibits a multifunctionality towards energy driven applications.

Jury de thèse :

Reviewers :
Prof. Sabine Szunerits  Lille University of Science and Technology
Prof. Alexander Kuhn National Engineering School of Chemistry, Biology and Physic (ENSCBP - Bordeaux)
Examiners :
Res.Dir/Dr. Philippe Hapiot University of Rennes 1
Prof. Martin Pumera University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
Prof. Qing Wang  National University of Singapore
Supervisor :
Prof. Hyacinthe Randriamahazaka Sorbonne Paris Cité University
Co-supervisor :
Dr. Jalal Ghilane Sorbonne Paris Cité University