Hao-Zheng Yu soutiendra sa thèse intitulé " Multifunctional Nanostructured Interfaces for Electrochemical Catalysis " le vendredi 21 juillet à 14h en salle 774 du bâtiment Lavoisier, 15 rue Jean-Antoine de Baïf, 75013 Paris.

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Résumé :

Cathodic activation is one of the surface modification methods to design the electrode materials in a dry organic electrolytic solvent, which involves the electron transfer process concomitant with the insertion of the supporting electrolyte cations. This process has been observed with different electrode materials including glassy carbon, graphite, platinum, and more recently semi-conductor e.g., ITO.
The objective aim of this thesis is to investigate the cathodic activation of carbon-based electrodes and their use as a platform for the spontaneous growth of metallic nanoparticles. The main goal will be to understand the intercalation of the supporting electrolyte cation (effect of the nature of the cation, alkaline-earth metal ions, and surfactant) in terms of morphology, surface composition, and swelling. Next, the self-reducing power of the cathodically activated electrode, as well as exfoliating the graphite rod using the cathodic activation to generate the graphite nanoparticles and graphene flakes, will be used to perform self-reduction of metallic salt. The physicochemical properties of the new surfaces were investigated by SEM, XPS, and electrochemical studies. Finally, the generated materials will be tested for the electrochemical activation of small molecules, for example, H+ for HER.

Electrochemical catalysis, Multifunctional nanostructured interfaces, Cathodic activation, Hydrogen evolution reaction

Jury de thèse :

Dr. Christelle Gautier - University of Angers - Reviewer
Dr. Yann Leroux - University of Rennes 1 - Reviewer
Prof. Souad Ammar - Paris Cité University - Examiner
Prof. Dodzi Zigah - University of Poitiers - Examiner
Dr. Jalal Ghilane - Paris Cité University - Supervisor