Christine RANJAN soutiendra sa thèse intitulé :
"Electrochemical investigation of functional interfaces and nanomaterials for energy storage: Form water splitting to supercabattery" le 25 octobre 2022 à 10h00 à l'Amphithéâtre Pierre-Gilles de Gennes – batîment Condorcet, 4 Rue Elsa Morante, Paris 75013

Résumé :
The use of non-noble electrocatalysts is an interesting pathway for the development of sustainable energy. In this PhD thesis, the electrocatalytic properties of manganese oxide nanomaterial and doped nickel oxide are investigated for important reactions around oxygen (oxygen evolution reaction and oxygen reduction reaction) and hydrogen (hydrogen evolution reaction) electrochemistry. Indeed, water splitting is an effective approach to producing hydrogen, which is a form of sustainable chemical energy storage. These electrocatalysts are abundant and stable in alkaline media. Also, a supercabattery, an electrochemical energy storage system issued from the marriage of a supercapacitor and battery, is studied. Particularly, doped nickel oxide can be viewed as a trifunctional material able to catalyze oxygen evolution and hydrogen evolution reactions and as electrode material for supercabattery. 

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ID de réunion : 869 0311 1622
Code secret : 611966