BingBing DENG soutiendra sa thèse intitulé :
"Ecotoxicological and physico-chemical monitoring of home-manufactured quantum dots from luminescent devices" le 17 octobre 2022 à 09h30 à l'Amphithéâtre Pierre-Gilles de Gennes – batîment Condorcet, 4 Rue Elsa Morante, Paris 75013

Résumé :
ZnS NPs is a n-type semiconductor with a wide direct bang gap, it is widely used in many commercial fields due to its specific optical, electronic and magnetic properties. Besides, the potential ecotoxicology effect of the nanoparticles (NPs) has attracted more and more attentions of the researchers. NPs can increase the reactive oxygen species (ROS) production inducing the oxidative stress to the cells, and affect the mitochondria and chloroplast activities of the photosynthetic organisms, even caused the cell death. Therefore, we researched the toxicity effect of ZnS NPs with different size and different dopants on microalgae (Chlorella vulgaris), and we also studied the effect of the silica shell on preventing the toxicity of the ZnS NPs.

Jury de thèse:

Directeurs de thèse :
MCF HDR Fayna MAMMERI, Université Paris Cité
Rapporteurs :
DR CNRS Pr. Thibaud CORADIN, Sorbonne Université
DR CNRS Pr. Fabien GRASSET, Université de Rennes
Examinateurs :
Pr. Souhir BOUJDAY, Sorbonne Université
Pr. Yan-gai LIU, Université de Géosciences (Beijing)
Invité :