Nguyen, V.-Q., Schaming, D., Martin, P. & Lacroix, J.-C. Nanostructured Mixed Layers of Organic Materials Obtained by Nanosphere Lithography and Electrochemical Reduction of Aryldiazonium Salts. Langmuir, 9b02811 (2019). doi:10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b02811

Nanostructured Mixed Layers of Organic

In this work, we have combined nanosphere lithography with electrochemical reduction of aryldiazonium salts to elaborate nanostructured mixed layers of organic materials.

Following the success of the previous editions of ElecNano 1-8 (2006 to 2018), the researchers of the LISE (team of the Laboratoire Interfaces et Systèmes Électrochimiques) of the Sorbonne Université and the sub-Division of Electrochemistry of the French Chemical Society are happy to organise the 9th meeting of Electrochemistry in Nanoscience.

9th international conference Elecnano 2020
Elecnano9 - May 25th - 27th 2020  in Paris Electrochemistry for Nano & Nano for Electrochemistry

The main purpose of the conference is an up-to-date scientific exchange on recent advances in the field of molecular electronics, gathering researchers from all over the world around top-level plenary and keynote speakers. This reunion is also an opportunity for the development of national and international collaborations between academic and private partners at the highest level.

10th International Conference on Molecular Electronics ELECMOL 2020
Following the success of the previous editions of ElecMOL 1-9 (2002 to 2019), We are pleased to announce the 10th edition of the international conference ElecMol10 which will be held in Lyon at the ENS Lyon in 2020.





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Design of plasmonic Janus gold-silica nanoparticles for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

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