This post-doc position is to be held at FEMTO-ST (, within the Dpt. Of Applied Mechanics. FEMTO-ST was founded in January 2004 by merging different laboratories active in different fields of engineering science: mechanics, optics and telecommunications, electronics, time-frequency, energetics and fluidics. As of January 2020, FEMTO-ST has about 750 people in its staff.
This post-doc position is funded within the IRT-RESEM4 H2-ELYSE project, which targets the assessment of the potentialities of deformable electrodes for electrolytic hydrogen production. This exploratory project gathers microfabrication experts, materials mechanics scientists (FEMTO-ST) and electro-chemists (ITODYS).

Scientific context:

This part of the IRT-ELYSE project is intended to provide and test deformable electrodes for the assessment of their performance in electrolytic hydrogen production.
As a post-doc in the ECTO group of the Department of Applied Mechanics, you will be in charge of the realization of test devices made of a newly developed material. You will then be in charge, with the help of partners at ITODYS, of the implementation of simple experiments dedicated to the assessment of the capabilities of deformable electrodes to circumvent some of the major difficulties of electrolytic hydrogen production.
These exploratory works are crucial to the development of clean, renewable, hydrogen production forthe energy transition.

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